PEEK Lottery Details:

  • The lottery will run from 1:00-1:30pm ET on WEDNESDAY 10/23 at

  • Each character has its own lottery. Lottery entries for both characters can be purchased either together or in separate checkouts.

  • You will only be allowed one entry per character. Duplicate entries for a single character by a person/household will be canceled.

  • The first round of winners will be emailed a link to purchase their Peek. This will happen roughly 15-20 minutes after the lottery is closed, and they will have 15 minutes to checkout.

  • Make sure your email address you used to checkout with is the same as the one you entered the lottery with. If they don’t match, I will assume it is not you and likely cancel your order.

  • A second round of winners will be emailed after the first round has had their 15 minutes to checkout. Second round winners are not guaranteed a Peek, but do have a very high chance at one of the Peeks not yet claimed by the first round. First round winners are still able to purchase Peeks.

  • This whole process will take some time. It may take 45-60 to get all rounds of emails sent, so don’t give up hope early. Check your spam folders.

  • Peeks are $75 to purchase, but there is no fee to enter the lottery.

During the lottery process, I keep my Twitter updated with what all is happening. I will tweet when emails for each character and round have been sent out. For people outside the US, please include your phone number in your information; I will need it to fill out the customs declaration.